Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Wedding Blues...?

I heard time and again over the last 6 months about the "Post Wedding Blues" and how, after all of the planning and stressing to make it all PERFECT, the day would go by so quickly and I'd wish there had been more to it all. Well, here we are, day 10 since the wedding and I'm feeling nothing short of joy, just as I have every day since the wedding! **And, as a simple side note for all of those who said, "Just wait until one of you is sick, or cranky, or has a bad day at work..." I beg to differ since he's home with Pink Eye and I'm annoyed that I had to leave my house on what feels like a single digit temperature day, without gloves or a hat and get on a crowded train to go to work with a stuffy nose and mild fever, yet I'm still smiling!**

While I'll admit, the wedding day was indeed non-stop and I couldn't believe how quickly parts of it were over (like, who hit the fast forward button at the ceremony?), by the time we left the reception site (around 9pm) I was beat! I couldn't imagine dancing to one more song, or talking to even one more person.

All of this to say people should stop projecting their issues and insecurities onto others! I'm a living testament that you don't have to live by the standards of the norm. In fact, I'm calling my experience, "Post Wedding Bliss" instead!

Anybody else experience Post Wedding Bliss after getting married?

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