Saturday, August 29, 2009

Six Word Saturday

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Oh boy, has it really been a whole week?! Well today (payday) was a reminder of what furloughs really are, so my six words are:

I wish furloughs were paid vacations!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going From 0 to 60!

Wedding date selection at a glance:
Date we had originally considered: December 26, 2009
Date we chose afterwards: April 10, 2010
Date we settled on and is currently in the calendar at the church: June 26, 2010

When I met with Father T to change our wedding date his question to me was, "Are you sure this time, BEFORE I enter it in the book?". And I (of course) said with a chuckle, "Yes Father. We absolutely CANNOT do April because I'll be in school. This is definitely the date for us!"

You can guess what's about to come can't you?

...Continuation of Wedding date selection at a glance:
Newest date we've set our sights on: Christmas weekend 2009.

We'd both agreed that we didn't want a long engagement, and these days June 2010 seems like it's AGES away! We're a little concerned about having the big fantasy 350 guest wedding in such a short amount of time so I'm **being forced** graciously cutting down my half of the list **until I can convince him to give me the majority of his seats** to 50 or so people. :o)

This of course means turning around my lax attitude about the planning process since we've gone from 10 months to just over 18 weeks (and we still haven't told Father T yet!!)

Anybody have any tips for a simple yet elegant wedding that can be put together fairly quickly?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Six Words...

Make sure to visit Cate to see who else is participating this week!

My six words this week:

Trusting God to respond to prayers...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ever Feel Like You Can't Win...?

Have you ever had someone who makes you second guess yourself? Someone who you want to please so badly that you go 'round in circles trying to make the 'correct' decisions? Yea, that's how I feel sometimes.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Planning Wednesday

Ready for an update on my wedding planning? Well here goes...

We've definitely decided on the wedding party, the color scheme, officiant, and ceremony location.

We think we know where we'll be hosting our reception (I'll be seeing at the space this Sunday, but it's been his suggestion since day 1, so if I like it we'll go with it.)

There are some major things that are still floating around waiting for a final decision on though. Our budget fluctuates from one day to the next, and our guest list is somewhere between 150 and 350 depending on our moods! We've agreed to sit down this week to finalize these major details so that we can finally begin to work on the other things that need our attention.

Keep checking back to see how far we get from week to week and how much of it is left to the last possible moment!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday

What have learned from another woman this week? (or ever) Write your own "Titus 2 Post" (linking back to ateachableheart somewhere within the body of your post) and also enter your link in the Mr. Linky below the Titus 2 post at ateachableheart!

This week I'm proud to say that I spent time under my grandmother's wing and I(as usual) I learned something!

I wanted to make dinner for That Dude but when he asked for Rice and Beans with Chicken cutlets, I was worried! It may sound like a simple enough meal, but growing up in a Latino household, this is a standard meal, meaning that I knew he'd eaten it a hundred million times done "correctly" and would easily notice if I screwed it up. There's an ongoing joke about my (lack of) cooking skills and having NEVER made Puerto Rican style beans before, I was worried that I'd prove everyone right, so I called my grandmother who lives fairly nearby, and asked if I could come by for guidance. She laughed and told me she'd be waiting.

While we cooked together, my grandmother told me a few (quite funny) stories about her adventures in cooking during the early years of her marriage to my grandfather (over fifty years ago!). It was especially side splitting to hear stories about my grandfather (who LOVES to cook - evidenced by his affinity for the Food Network, his collection of various cooking tools, and the many cookbooks that he owns) eating my grandmother's meals as she said "...con sus ojos cerrado" (with his eyes closed) but being so in love that he just didn't know how to tell her!

We chatted about her health and about my uncle who is about to buy a new house, we discussed the pros and cons of taking a family vacation to Puerto Rico, and then, all of a sudden, it was done! I packed up the food and ran out the door.

I learned how to make my grandmother's beans (SCORE!) but I also learned a bit more about the honeymoon period of marriage and above all, I learned more about my family's matriarch and THAT truly was the best feeling of all!

Monday, August 10, 2009

7 Quick Takes

Life has been an absolute whirlwind of activity lately and it's sometimes hard to keep up with writing, but since a faraway friend asked for an update, I knew I had to oblige! **I wrote this out and forgot to post it on Friday, sorry!

1. The concert is over and we took a financial loss. I still don't know what that will mean for my job, but I'm totally relaxed about it.

2. We've started the wedding planning process again. Checked out a photographer, DJ, and a bridal show at a Catering Hall, so far. The wedding party is pretty much set, except for a flower girl and ring bearer, although I'm pretty sure I'll be asking to have my cousin's daughter or my boss's daughter as our flower girl.

3. That Dude bought me a Blackberry and added me to his phone account, and despite my former aversion to all things Blackberry, I must admit, I actually don't hate it! It's WAY better than the Samsung Instinct from Sprint (IMHO) so I'm happy as a clam!

4. I have officially taken on the position of Kids' Church Coordinator for the non-denominational church that I belong to. I've also agreed to coordinate the Youth Group at the Catholic Parish that That Dude and I will be getting married at. With work and the possibility of school this semester, I've pretty much got every minute of the day taken up! But I love it, so I'm not stressing.

5. Many people have only heard about my oldest younger (step) brother in passing, but don't know much about him. First, although we aren't biologically related, he has always been and will always be my brother in my heart. With that said, I've been pretty actively searching for him for a few weeks now, and finally have some good news! He's not laying dead in some California ditch but is in fact taking the necessary steps to improve his life and I'm so proud of him. I hope to someday share his story, not today.

Also, my search has brought me two wonderful new friends that (based on my limited experience so far as well as the fact that my brother very obviously loves them both) I can't wait to repay them for all that they've done.

6. Each day That Dude manages to say or do something that makes me fall more in love with him. There had been some tension because of my stress levels, but as the fund raiser becomes nothing more than a memory, we've worked our way back into a (semi) normal relationship - well, at least normal for us!

7. The Lord is revealing different facets of His glory and mercy to me everyday. It seems though, that each time I have a glorious moment with the Lord, I get a spiritual attack that I always feel is "the worst it could ever possibly get.". I'm spending a lot of time in prayer and praising the Lord. I know that I cannot let these attacks get the best of me.

Thanks for reading!!