Monday, November 17, 2008

Today's Topic

If you look at the blogs I follow, you'll notice "One Minute Writter" is one of them. I love to write, but often feel that there's no time or I just can't focus enough to think of a topic. The prompts (and timer) at One Minute Writter give me no more excuses! Check out the blog here

Today's prompt is: "Write about something interesting that happened this weekend."

Well, this weekend was definitely interesting. Friday night T got the baby and after church I stopped by to see her for a bit .

For Saturday we were planning a pretty full day and although it didn't happen, we did meet up. We went to BBB and bought a gift for Cici's housewarming, but a loudly screaming child (ahem, ok, it was baby) forced us to leave the store and just go home for the night (Sorry Cici, and I still have your gift in my house.)

Sunday was supposed to be church for all of us, but baby's mom came early to pick her up so instead, I went alone.

Basically, this weekend was a reminder that no matter how much to try to plan, sometimes things just don't go according to schedule. I will say though, that I had some very good conversations this weekend that made me feel better. Thank you to Maritza and Sam for reassuring me that when the time comes, I won't be THE WORST mother in the world!

Hope everyone else's weekend was better coordinated than mine!

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