Saturday, July 25, 2009

Six-Word Saturday (Hermana Glenda Edition)

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My six words this week:

Glad the concert is finally over!

Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

This is my first time writing a quick takes post, but I think it's a genius idea! Quick takes are hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary.

1. Today is "D-Day" for my organization. The concert has finally arrived and now it's time to make sure that we shine (at least in the eyes of the public.) I know that God has a way of showing how awesome He really is, so I'm not even worried anymore.

2. Even if the concert hits the numbers that we're PRAYING for, we will still take a financial hit, which means we'll still probably be letting someone go. That Dude says that it won't be me and that I shouldn't worry. I say that God knows what He's doing and I'm prepared for anything at all at this point.

3. The Love Dare is going forward for both of us and I'm so happy. I know that it'll be a challenge, but I also know that it'll be totally worth every second of it!

4. I'm glad to finally be able to get into wedding planning mode! That Dude and I went to a Bridal Expo at a catering hall and fell in love with the place! Next week we'll be seeing photographers and over the course of the next few weeks, we'll be doing lots of (hopefully) fun things for the wedding!

5. That Dude and I are getting closer everyday. Sometimes I wonder if it's all a dream (and then he does something obnoxious and I realize that he's human and that this is reality! LOL)

6. I'm beginning to realize that there is a definite separation from my nuclear family that comes with marriage. I'm not completely happy about it... :o(

7. Tomorrow is my god-daughter's birthday party and I'm in charge of cake... Still haven't ordered one though... Let's see what miracle I come up with in the morning!

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"...for a wedding that I don't even want to have..."

I try very hard to take into account That Dude's opinions when it comes to the wedding planning process. At the same time, I know that there are just some things that he's not going to care all that much about.

That Dude really just wants to have an intimate get together with our nearest and dearest. I on the other hand can't seem to get my guest list down to under 200 people. Despite our differing opinions on this, we've been able to slowly tread through this process without too many issues. All of that changed today when he found himself so frustrated that he said, "We shouldn't have to go through all of this for a wedding that I don't even want to have!" EXCUSE ME?! OK, now let me say that I know what he meant by that and that he immediately apologized because he knew how terrible that statement sounded, but the damage was pretty much done.

Do I doubt for even a second that he loves me dearly and wants to marry me? Nope. I know that it's not marriage that is bringing out this crankiness, but the actual WEDDING, and all of the planning that comes along with the wedding, but still and all, words hurt... and sometimes a lot. And today was one of those times.

We're going to a bridal expo tonight with my mother, grandmother and aunt and I'm beginning to wonder why I even invited him. Oh! I remember, because he's the GROOM! Ugh... I just have so much going on at work right now that arguing about the wedding is the LAST thing I want to be doing. I hope it turns around for the better, or at least that the night goes quickly.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

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Now, onto that which I DID NOT do recently...

I DIDN'T tell That Dude that I was fine with pushing back our wedding date because of our finances and then proceed to be a crab at our friend's birthday party because I really didn't want to change the date...

Furthermore, I DEFINITELY DID NOT freak out at a local bookstore yesterday because "...we have no money and NEED to push this wedding back!"

And then, it would've been JUST PLAIN CRAZY for me to have a sit down talk with him last night saying that there was no way I wanted to push this wedding back, and we'd just have to figure it out!

And, since I DIDN'T freak out at the bookstore, there was NO OPPORTUNITY for me to walk away from That Dude while he was trying to comfort me, especially since I promised that we'd work through everything together! I WOULD NEVER go back on my word!

And since I DIDN'T freak out, and therefore DIDN'T walk away from my concerned fiance, I also DIDN'T buy him an "I'm sorry" card at the pharmacy today (Shhh... I'd better get it to him before he reads this post!)

What things didn't you do this week?

Monday Micro

"At the end of the day, as long as I'm married to you, I don't care about the pomp and circumstance... Well, not much..."
(Me to That Dude recently)

At this point we are definitely sure about who will be marrying us, where we'll be holding the ceremony and when we'll be tying the knot... Beyond that, we go back and forth DAILY!! Aaaaahhhhh!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Six-Word-Saturday (mobile edition)

"Hanging with That Dude and friends!"