Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chocolate Chip is 7 Months Old!

Every month I intend to write and let life keep me too busy, but this month I've decided to never again let life's craziness come before you.  That being said, I've spent 90% of this month with you... Almost every waking moment in fact.  How did I manage that you ask? I listened to God and quit my office job (well, for the most part) to be at home with you and now you and I go to Stella's house everyday and take care of her together.  I pray that you have quickly forgotten a time when things were very different.

If I felt bad for going to work and missing things, you have quickly made me feel better with all of the new things that you have done since I've been at home!  You "give me kisses" (actually I put my cheek to your lips and you just blue air) now, and it excites me every time!  I was blessed to see you go from lying on your belly to a sitting position for the first time and now you're almost a pro at it.  You also shocked me by watching Stella enough times to figure out how to pull yourself to standing in the crib!  We started solid foods this month and so fast you've had:
-Rice Cereal (INDIFFERENT)
-Peas (HATE)
-Pears (LOVE)
-Bananas (LOVE)
-Carrots (Hate)

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