Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FICTION: Stay at Home Moms Have it Easy

Having been on both ends of this spectrum (well, kinda, since I'm technically NOT a stay at home mom since I do work as a nanny during the day) I must say that being "at home" with Chocolate Chip doesn't always make my life easier than it was for the few months that I went back to work after my maternity leave.

A few things that I thought would be easier (or didn't think about at all):

-I don't necessarily save money on breakfast and lunch since I'm so busy with the kids and sometimes I end up just running out and buying something, whereas when I worked in the office, I was MUCH better about making sure I'd bring lunch to work with me.

-There isn't "plenty" of time to clean up, especially since Chocolate Chip has now decided that the most interesting toys/books/etc are those that Mama has JUST put away on the shelf! Also, since I nanny until 7pm (or 7:30... or 8...) I barely have any time at all to clean at my house!

-Spending all day every day with Chocolate Chip really can wear me down, especially now that he requires SO MUCH attention as his curiosity has him doing things like climbing and putting rocks in his mouth...

-Money doesn't balance out just because I'm home and am able to cut certain things out of the budget. Somebody should have warned me about this, but I REALLY didn't cut out as much as I expected!

Would I make the same decision knowing all that I know? Absolutely! But I definitely see things differently now that I'm in this boat!

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