Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

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Now, onto that which I DID NOT do recently...

I DIDN'T tell That Dude that I was fine with pushing back our wedding date because of our finances and then proceed to be a crab at our friend's birthday party because I really didn't want to change the date...

Furthermore, I DEFINITELY DID NOT freak out at a local bookstore yesterday because "...we have no money and NEED to push this wedding back!"

And then, it would've been JUST PLAIN CRAZY for me to have a sit down talk with him last night saying that there was no way I wanted to push this wedding back, and we'd just have to figure it out!

And, since I DIDN'T freak out at the bookstore, there was NO OPPORTUNITY for me to walk away from That Dude while he was trying to comfort me, especially since I promised that we'd work through everything together! I WOULD NEVER go back on my word!

And since I DIDN'T freak out, and therefore DIDN'T walk away from my concerned fiance, I also DIDN'T buy him an "I'm sorry" card at the pharmacy today (Shhh... I'd better get it to him before he reads this post!)

What things didn't you do this week?

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