Thursday, August 27, 2009

Going From 0 to 60!

Wedding date selection at a glance:
Date we had originally considered: December 26, 2009
Date we chose afterwards: April 10, 2010
Date we settled on and is currently in the calendar at the church: June 26, 2010

When I met with Father T to change our wedding date his question to me was, "Are you sure this time, BEFORE I enter it in the book?". And I (of course) said with a chuckle, "Yes Father. We absolutely CANNOT do April because I'll be in school. This is definitely the date for us!"

You can guess what's about to come can't you?

...Continuation of Wedding date selection at a glance:
Newest date we've set our sights on: Christmas weekend 2009.

We'd both agreed that we didn't want a long engagement, and these days June 2010 seems like it's AGES away! We're a little concerned about having the big fantasy 350 guest wedding in such a short amount of time so I'm **being forced** graciously cutting down my half of the list **until I can convince him to give me the majority of his seats** to 50 or so people. :o)

This of course means turning around my lax attitude about the planning process since we've gone from 10 months to just over 18 weeks (and we still haven't told Father T yet!!)

Anybody have any tips for a simple yet elegant wedding that can be put together fairly quickly?

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