Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday

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This week I'm proud to say that I spent time under my grandmother's wing and I(as usual) I learned something!

I wanted to make dinner for That Dude but when he asked for Rice and Beans with Chicken cutlets, I was worried! It may sound like a simple enough meal, but growing up in a Latino household, this is a standard meal, meaning that I knew he'd eaten it a hundred million times done "correctly" and would easily notice if I screwed it up. There's an ongoing joke about my (lack of) cooking skills and having NEVER made Puerto Rican style beans before, I was worried that I'd prove everyone right, so I called my grandmother who lives fairly nearby, and asked if I could come by for guidance. She laughed and told me she'd be waiting.

While we cooked together, my grandmother told me a few (quite funny) stories about her adventures in cooking during the early years of her marriage to my grandfather (over fifty years ago!). It was especially side splitting to hear stories about my grandfather (who LOVES to cook - evidenced by his affinity for the Food Network, his collection of various cooking tools, and the many cookbooks that he owns) eating my grandmother's meals as she said "...con sus ojos cerrado" (with his eyes closed) but being so in love that he just didn't know how to tell her!

We chatted about her health and about my uncle who is about to buy a new house, we discussed the pros and cons of taking a family vacation to Puerto Rico, and then, all of a sudden, it was done! I packed up the food and ran out the door.

I learned how to make my grandmother's beans (SCORE!) but I also learned a bit more about the honeymoon period of marriage and above all, I learned more about my family's matriarch and THAT truly was the best feeling of all!


Shanda said...

What a gift that time was to you! I'm sure it touched her heart that you'd think to ask her and I'll be she loved every second with you as well!

So...did That Dude love it??? ;)

Thank you for joining in and sharing your Grandmother with us!

Mel said...

Funny enough (to me at least) his response was "Now THAT'S food!" I literally laughed out loud at that! My grandmother had said that the chicken was too salty and overcooked and that the beans were too dry! I'm not sure if he liked it because he expected it to suck majorly or because it really was good, but at least it's taken some of the pressure off of me and I've agreed to STOP saying that I refuse to learn to cook when we get married!

Thanks for reading!