Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday!

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I've seen this on some blogs recently, and I've got lots of stuff that I DIDN'T do to post about!

I definitely didn't put off 2 weeks of homework and then realize that the museum paper that I have to hand in on Wednesday is now impossible since the museum is closed on Monday and Tuesday. That would've been super irresponsible.

I didn't spend way too much time reading blogs and looking up stuff for baby's birthday party and have to take work home. That would definitely ruin my night!

There's no way that I got so frustrated that I wanted to cry. And I surely didn't tell God that "I'm ready to give up." because I KNOW that words aree powerful and I wouldn't ever throw around words that way. (And when I DIDN'T sit and think about what exactly it was that I absolutely WASN'T ready to give up on, I definitely DID NOT realize that those words were empty emotion because I'm "more than a conqueror" - and I DIDN'T remind myself of that point from Pastor B's sermon yesterday!)

Wow, that was therapeutic and now I'll take this moment to thank God that I'm so blessed!

Ok everyone, I've gotta go... Huh? What's that? Oh! No! These definitely AREN'T papers that need to be retyped for work.. Haven't we already discussed this?

What haven't you done this week?

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