Saturday, March 7, 2009

Someday Saturday

Callan's Mom came up with an idea for posts that I love called Someday Saturday. Make sure to check out her blog right here.


I'll get married and have kids (if it's in God's plan for me.) But if it never happens, I will still love Him and praise Him.

Everyone should see the movie "Facing the Giants". I saw it last night with some friends from church and I was reminded of some of my own struggles with faith and with standing up to the 'giants' in my own life. One giant that has been laughing in my face and daring me to fight has been faith in God that I do deserve and will have in His time, a man who I can spend my life with and someday raise children with.

So, as of today, before all of you, I declare that I'm ready to fight the good fight of faith. I can't promise myself no more tears, but I promise that I'll turn to Him for comfort. I can't promise myself that I won't continue to think about it, but I promise to pray diligently and faithfully and praise Him no matter what.

What do you see in your own "Someday"?

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