Friday, May 8, 2009

Why I Blog...

It's a few minutes after 4am and I've been awake for a couple of hours. I seem to find myself awake at strange hours more often than I like lately. This time, I figured I'd take the time out to do something that I often complain that there simply isn't enough time to do - WRITE!

I began thinking (as I lay here in bed) about why I began blogging in the first place. My old blog was basically an online journal for me to get my thoughts out onto. Only one friend knew about it, and as time went on, I actually made the blog private so that even she wouldn't be able to read it. Then, a few months ago, I was inspired to start another blog and along came this one. I have a few IRL* friends who know about it, which sometimes makes me wonder if I should get too personal with the content. As I type this though, I know that the few people who do know about this blog (That Dude, my mom, my "Comadre"**, and a couple of CityLighters***) wouldn't judge me for the things that sometimes I just need to get out. In fact, I know that they would take the initiative and hug me (THANKS SAM! It meant more than you will ever, ever know) when I do share something. So from now on (unless this is all just 4am brain speaking, of course) things are going to get a little more personal.

I pray that you guys can help me walk through this crazy thing called life as I share my ups and downs!

*In Real Life
** Literally means "Co-Mother" - In many Hispanic cultures, the Godparents are considered equal with the parents, so my Goddaughters' mother is my co-mother
***CityLight Church is the Non-denominational Church that I attend

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