Sunday, April 5, 2009

God Redeems in His Time...

As you know, I was debating the idea of dating someone new. Well, after LOTS of prayer and communication, I've entered the "DATING" stage with someone new. He's been a good friend for quite a few years and we've decided together to take this step.

In answer to the most common questions from the few people who know that we're dating:

  • Yes he's a Christian and has a SERIOUS love for Jesus
  • He's one of my closest friends, so this was an almost natural progression in our relationship
  • He's hard-working and has some great goals and dreams
  • We've agreed to try to take things slowly, so no, we don't have any big plans for the future yet! (I just want to add a note here to say that one of my issues with some Christians and their dating habits is that they want things to be PERFECT before getting into a relationship and they set up these ridiculous expectations for the requirements before dating and then when they do start dating, they want to get married like a week later! This is NOT us!! We like each other's company. We like each other as people. We're just enjoying that for now!)

As for my title, I just want to say that I know that there are people who will not agree with me dating someone new a month and a half after ending things with T, but I've really prayed about this and asked God for guidance and really dug into The Word and over and over, I feel that God is giving me peace in this decision. Over and over, throughout the bible, we see that things happen in GOD's time, not the time limits placed by man. I know that God wants nothing more than my happiness and I truly believe that if I proceed forward with this using God as my compass, I'll be led in the right direction.

This is especially important as part of my Growing (Up) series of posts because until recently, I've made 90% of my decisions based on the words, actions, and thoughts of others! The fact that I'm willing to make this decision against the well wishes of some people really shows me that I've come a long way in life!

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