Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"I wanna tell you something..."

When thinking about doing the 31 posts in December, I started working on a list of the things I could write about. For some of the topics, I instantly knew where in the month I would put them. For some topics, I had an idea of the order but no specific dates. And since I didn't want to completely limit myself, I didn't come up with 31, which leaves time throughout the month for me to give thanks for the unexpected stuff.

One topic that I know needed to be front and center was how grateful I am for my mother. She could come second ONLY to God. Ironically enough though, I'm even more thankful for my mother today than usual. Today after work, I will be attending a wake for the mother of an elementary school classmate. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of losing my mother at my age, and from the moment that I hard about the passing of my friend's mother, I've been overwhelmed by love for my own mother, so on this 2nd day of December, I bring to you: My Mommy!

My mom and I at my 24th birthday party at a lounge! Yup mama likes to party too!

There are so many reasons for me to give thanks for my mom. For most of my life, my mother was a single parent, and although she had help from my grandparents, she ran the show. My mother raised me with a love for God, a respect for myself as well as those around me, an understanding that the newest gadgets weren't the important things to expect in life, but that thoughtful love-filled actions were not to be neglected.

Mom and I at a baby shower last year (my mom is hot!)

I think back to some moments in my memory where my mom did whatever was necessary, and I want to laugh, cry, and just hug her. My favorite example:

-When I was in the 5th grade, my principal decided to have a dance for the 5th - 8th graders. I was so excited! My mom and I very carefully chose an outfit for the big event. I knew that I wanted to be dressed up snce this was a SUPER IMPORTANT NIGHT! On the night of the I dance wore a skirt and a fancy shirt and happily headed out the door. When I arrived at the school, I felt cool and confident and ready to face the world... until I noticed that everyone (well it surely seemed like everyone) was wearing jeans! Oh the horror! I ran into the bathroom and no amount of consoling, convincing or threats could get me out! What did my mother do? She got on the subway, went to my house and brought me a pair of jeans! I couldn't thank her enough! And while it may sound insignificant to even me after so many years, at that moment it was as big of a deal as anything could be.

Us on my 25th birthday at my grandparents' house.

So, once again, thanks mom for being you, and thanks God for a pretty cool mom!

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