Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday

For more "Not Me Monday" fun, Visit MckMamma's blog!

It's time for another round my lovelies! There's so much that I didn't do since my last post!

For starters, I did not miss last week's post because I was soooo exhausted that I just wanted to sleep at my desk. And I didn't get upset with myself as I finally did drift off to sleep (in my bed) because I really wanted to post. Who's addicted to blogging?? Not Me!

I didn't pray all week for Thanksgiving just so that I would have a few days off of work! And there's no way after a four day weekend someone walked into my office and said "What's wrong, you look exhausted!" and there's not a chance that after I was actually beginning to feel better, I let his words make me believe I was tired And I didn't spend the rest of the day complaining about how tired I was!

I also didn't do that thing where T asks "What's wrong?" and I say "Nothing" even though we both know I'm not happy. And when asked again, I didn't start crying for reasons unknown to even myself. This would go against all of the work that T and I have been doing to improve our communication and I would never do that!

I didn't let laziness get the best of me and forget to upload my pictures for the last 3 days so that I could show you the paper invites that will go out this week (seriously, I'll show you soon!)

And I'm not writing this post after 11pm because I was debating over whether or not to air my dirty laundry! You're my blog family and I can tell you ANYTHING!

Those of you who aren't as tired as I am should take a moment to check out MckMama's blog for the list of who else is participating in the weekly "Not Me" (plus her kids are adorable and she's got lots of pics up!) To everyone else, GOOD NIGHT!

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