Friday, February 20, 2009


Well, it's official. T and I are no longer together. It started again last night with me telling him how tired I am of everything and how I gave up on us and this relationship months ago to which he replied, "Well if you feel that way Mel, let me stop wasting your time. Let's just end it now." I think he thought his words would hurt me or shock me to "my senses", but I simply said, "OK." I quickly ended our conversation when he started saying that I couldn't be serious, but knew it wouldn't be that easy and I was right. At ten minutes to three o'clock this morning, I was woken up by a phone call from him. This morning was the amazing part though, he called me to make sure I was awake for work as he's done for over a year now, and said, "I can't wait 'til you see that I really have changed and this relationship gets better." HUH? I didn't know how to respond! Apparently, we HADN'T broken up after all! He called me again as I was walking to my office and I explained that I had done what I felt was best for us. At that point he realized I was serious and the anger began. It's now a bit after 9pm and I've spent the whole day taking and ignoring his calls. I've listened to so many voicemails that I've lost count, and I've told him repeatedly that 1. It's not another man, it's THE ONLY man (God), and 2. That I honestly don't think that I have to put any more thought into this decision than I already have. Some calls are the angry kind and those I end quickly. Some calls are sad, this hurts so much;how can you do this so easily calls. The remainder are promises of a better relationship. He promises to take me out and try new things and go to church every Sunday... I explained that he should do whatever he feels is necessary to improve himself, and to do it for himself and the baby and that I pray that he finds someone to make him happy. He's still insisting. I'm still praying for his peace.

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